The project is focused on the Ukrainian cultural heritage protection and preservation under the threat of war. Its main objective is to create a precedent of digitization of Ukrainian archaeological heirtage objects through laser scanning and international research protocols and to protectthe most vulnerable artifacts. This will be a good start towards the 3D-digitization of museum collection in Ukraine.

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Together with the acknowledged European archaeologists, historians and museum curators we arranged the biggest online stream, where researchers from Ukraine, Europe and America shared their discoveries to the wide audience.

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The money were spent to buy the first 3D laser-scanner in Ukraine that is fully focused on the preservation and digitication of arcaheological heirtage

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Interdisciplinary team of "Archaїс" started learning new methods and tools and digitize the selected artifacts from the archaeological museum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. 3D models will be open acessible worldwide, while the equipment and the team will continue its digital work on other museums to protect as many articats as we can.

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